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Does Your Big Corporation Background Disqualify You as an Entrepreneur?

A ridiculous question? Perhaps. But before you jump into the fray and hang out that shingle for your new business venture you may want to check out the questions we’ve posed in this companion article: Can I make it on my own? Yes there are traits that successful entrepreneurs generally display – and corporate leaders don’t necessarily have them. (But the traits aren’t 100% reliable or even definitive.)

Are You Actually Over Qualified to Become Your Own Boss?

The one thing that fugitives from the land of luxurious bathrooms and spacious boardrooms have to think about is, “What are my qualifications as receptionist, copy machine mechanic or even janitor?” Have they (or you) become too accustomed to ready access to vast resources and comfortable office environments to move into the often makeshift quarters of second-rate office quarters?

The Burn Rate vs. Cash Flow is Not a Board Game.

Stepping into the messy, slug-it-out environment of the small business arena is often a shock to those with big titles, expense accounts and expensive tastes.

Starting a new business is akin to lighting the fuse and racing against time to get the business in balance before the “burn rate” wipes out all options and the exit strategy becomes the courtroom of bankruptcy. Life as a small business entrepreneur is definitely exciting but it also carries side risks for one’s health and home life.

Let’s Do Everything We Can to Improve Your Odds for Success.

At we focus in on different aspects of the whole picture, including resources as well as the attitudes and aptitudes of becoming an entrepreneur. We also explore the options. Think of it as a boot camp to prepare the new recruit for battle!

And keep in mind, too, that we are entrepreneurs ourselves so we know whereof we speak. We’ve enjoyed the euphoria of winning and survived the depression of losing. Whatever your decision, we are one of your resources.

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