Franchise Owner

Ready for a second career?

Not ready to retire?

Not ready to retire?

You may want to consider becoming a franchise owner if you meet these qualifications . . .

 — you’re a senior executive or experienced manager, not yet ready to retire and considering a new career as a business owner,

— you’ve got some money to invest, and some years to let it work for you,

— you have strong analytical skills and are confident in your ability to “make something work like it is supposed to.”

Over 10% of all businesses in the U.S. are franchises.  Not all franchises are runaway successes, of course, but the majority of franchise owners admit that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve their success without the guidance the franchise model offers.

The word “guidance” is the key to the franchise.  When you invest, you are paying a one-time fee for the right to use an already developed brand, a business strategy, market research and marketing strategy, operations policies and day-to-day procedures.  At the same time, you are required to use these already-developed strategies, policies and procedures, probably for as long as 20 years — and then you pay for that privilege with an ongoing percentage of your profits.

With over 3,000 franchisors in the marketplace, represented by their own sales forces and independent “franchise brokers,” the prospective franchisee needs to have a solid plan for how to go about sorting through the options.

If may be well worth it. Finding the right franchise offers the opportunity of becoming part of a well-known company, with seasoned partners, a clear track to run on and professional support — a whole lot more than the usual start-up business owner has to rely on!

Interested in more on franchise opportunities?  Finding the right franchise takes time and effort — here’s a step-by-step program for getting started.