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Working on your referral network.

If this is what you want, commit to conducting a full-time, professional executive job search. There are executive positions out there waiting to be discovered or developed. It’s up to you to find them.

And if you haven’t yet realized it, conducting this program is a marketing campaign with you as the product!

It’s probably safe to assume that you have already completed many of the steps associated with a professional job search. However, what we have found by working with hundreds of executive job seekers is that often one or two steps are missing!

Ten Steps to a Personal Marketing Plan

Here’s an overview of the steps we recommend, and pretty much in the order they should take place.

Which ones have you completed? Have you missed any?

  1. Build your Accomplishments Library. (Goal? 100 Accomplishments)
  2. Build your “commercials:” headline and qualification statements.
  3. Assemble resumes. (Note the plural.)
  4. Understand the use for, and how to draft cover letters.
  5. Begin to draft your personal marketing plan.
  6. Build your online marketing presence – LinkedIn profile, personal website.
  7. Start networking – in person and online.
  8. Master interview techniques and salary negotiations.
  9. Conquer stress questions.
  10. Finalize your personal marketing plan.

Two Recommended Resources for Executives

At The Marketing Machine®, we have searched out and in some cases developed our own guides to many of these steps. For the purposes of this overview, we recommend that you get to know us by checking out two of the resources. (Clicking on the links will take you to, our resource site.)

Build Your Accomplishments Library

In our estimation, Accomplishments are the foundation of your entire preparation. They work for designing your job search, and are equally valuable to the building of a marketing plan for ANY business you decide to take on. Building your Accomplishments Library helps you identify and focus on your positive attributes and successful experiences – those things that employers, partners and even investors are looking for.

Professional Networking Guide

Finding the hidden job market is a networking activity requiring polished skills.  You can build them!  Networking is a process of gathering, collecting and distributing information for the mutual benefit of you and the other people in your network. In all likelihood you network every day without realizing what you are doing. The Guide makes sure you are networking with a purpose . . . and that you stay on purpose.

Whether you decide to continue your job search, or browse other pages in this website to consider other career options, we’re here to support your choice as best we can!  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with questions or comments.

Virginia Nicols & Joe Krueger
The Marketing Machine®