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Is The Best Way to Find Work to Stop Looking for a Job?

Perception of yourself

What’s your value???

No matter what rosy statistics the government puts out, the realities of finding work are still challenging. Yes, the “greatest recession since the thirties” may indeed be over, but uncertainty still hangs over the business community thanks to congressional shenanigans.

And there is another workplace factor that cannot be ignored — the rapid pace of automation.

This speed of change is dramatically impacting the required skillsets of management as well as those of the workforce — and this change is impacting the perception of the value of the seasoned professional.

You Can’t Change Your Real Age, But You Can Turn it Into an Asset.

Assuming you’re over 50, the perception of your value in the evolving workplace is questionable. Never mind what processes you may have pioneered as recently as two or three years ago. To many, that’s ancient history! What did you do last quarter, last month or even last week?

Regardless of the reasons you are in transition, the fact that you are on the sidelines is the bottom line.

You have to find a way to get off the bench and onto the playing field.

Change Your Perspective by Considering Yourself a Consultant.

One of the best ways to find a new management opportunity is to stop looking for a job!

What if you were too busy to look for a job?!

As a Consultant,

  • you would be staying current in your chosen field and free to search for problems to solve
  • your marketplace of potential partners or opportunities would be vastly expanded (Companies “without any problems” are probably on their way to being defunct, anyway.).
  • you can be writing white papers, giving talks and even doing pro bono work to keep your hand in and increasing the perception of your value.

Yes, there are some requirements for success as a consultant. As an executive, you start with most of them, with the possible exception of marketing expertise.

Head over now to to find out more. The entire site is dedicated to helping professionals start or give a boost to a consulting practice — focusing on their marketing mindset and skills.

Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®

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