Welcome, Executive in Transition!

Crossroads in careerHave You Reached A Crossroads in Your Career?

Whether you’re a former management executive of an international corporation or the retired CEO of a mid-sized organization, today’s job market is such that you’re likely to spend at least a year in transition — and maybe longer.

Conducting an aggressive, executive-level job search program is in itself a full-time job that requires dedication, discipline and resources. And the requirements for a successful job search at the executive level have changed drastically in recent years!

Have you come face to face with these job place realities?

  • Along with the disappearing middle class, executive positions are becoming more difficult to come by as well. No matter what the politicians say, the “new normal” economy seems to be cautious growth.
  • Automation is replacing whole work groups and drastically changing entire industries.
  • The devaluing of experience in the corporate world has combined with age bias in general.
  • The unprecedented speed of innovation makes management understandably hesitant to make long-term commitments.

We are finding that “traditional job search” methods just don’t work the way they used to.

One Transition Suggestion: Switch From Long Term To Short Term Thinking.

It may seem more than a little illogical, but these same companies who are hesitant to hire you on a traditional long-term basis will do whatever it takes and likely pay you whatever it costs to solve an immediate problem that your experience qualifies you to address! Consider a new, short-term emphasis.  It may be what you need to re-position yourself. In any case, the key is to . . .

“Know yourself” — The Foundation For Career Decision-Making.

Choices for executive in transition

It’s decision time.

This is the red circle in the diagram — the “KNOW” in the process.

If you’ve been “in transition” for a while already, we assume you’ve put together your Library of Accomplishments. Nearly every career coach and headhunter or job placement service will have advice on how best to write an Accomplishment; you can click here to get the method we outline. Whatever method you use, the end result is a virtual arsenal of ammunition to help you make career decisions.

  • Your List of Accomplishments can help you get hired.
  • By the same token, that same Accomplishments Library serves as the core of a marketing program should you choose to head in a new direction.
  • The bottom line? You need to do the work of building that library!

Until you have a list of 100 or more solid, documented Accomplishments, you’re not finished. And, the reality is that regardless of how big your list is you’re never really finished. This is not a world where you can rest on your laurels!

“What are my options?”

We see four viable options for senior executives in your position.  We develop them here on this site, and have actually devoted separate Marketing Machine websites to several in order to keep the marketing discussions as targeted as possible.

The options are:

  1. KNOW — Reevaluate your Accomplishments and continue your job search
  2. CONSULT — Readjust your thinking to consider establishing a professional consulting practice
  3. BUY — If your strengths lie in managing and analysis, consider buying an existing business or franchise
  4. START — Engage your entrepreneurial bent and start your own business

Still hesitating? Keep browsing here. You may find some inspiration!


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Joseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols
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